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The  links to the resources below are provided for information purposes only.  Neither the City of Ocala nor the Fort King Heritage Association makes warranty as to the accuracy or relevancy of that information.  We make every effort to ensure that information on this site is representative of true historical events.    If in our opinion, a resource or link is more fictional in nature, we will indicate as such next to the link.    If there is information provided that you believe is in error, please feel free to contact us; however, understand that we do not often own the content and do not have creative license to change the work of others.  If you have information, photos,  artifacts, etc. that you would like to share with us, please contact us. 

Wikipedia – Fort King

Wikipedia – Second Seminole War

The Florida Memory Blog – Second Seminole War – Florida Department of State

Florida Historical Marker Listing – Florida, Division of Historical Resources

Seminole History – Florida, Division of Historical Resources

Seminole Leaders – Florida, Division of Historical Resources

Seminole Wars Heritage Trail – Florida, Division of Historical Resources

Native American Heritage Trail – Florida, Division of Historical Resources

Seminole Tribe History Website – Seminole Tribe of Florida

Special Resource Study and Final Environmental Impact Statement – National Park Service

National Historic Landmark Nomination – National Park Service

Explore Southern – Fort King Listing

Marion County History – Excerpt from Ocala Star Banner Special Publication (10/26/97)

Seminole Hostilities – War Correspondence (Office of the President of the United States).  A supplemental report respecting the causes of the Seminole hostilities, and the measures taken to suppress them. 

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