Concept Plans

Conceptual Development Plan for the Fort King Site

Purpose –  The purpose of the Conceptual Development Plan is to present an updated conceptual Development Plan for th effort King site based on archaeological work completed during 2008-09.  This archaeological work was funded in part by a Historic preservation Grant from the Florida Department of State (2008) and was intended to better delineate the artifact “rich and poor” zones so as to direct the location fo future access drives, parking and visitor center facilities.  This Engineering Report is a companion report of the archaeological report prepared by Gulf archaeological Research Institute (GARI) and is based on findings and recommendations of that report.  The complete Conceptual Development Plan can be found at the link below.

Fort King Conceptual Plan (June 30 2009) – Henry A. Sheldon, P.E.

Rebuilding Fort King

This report evaluates the feasibility of rebuilding Fort King including benefits, limitations and processes.   The report can be found at the link below.

Rebuilding Fort King – Report by Gary Ellis (Attachment 2)